2014 Kitzbühel ETU Triathlon European Championships

Dena Hogan IRL 02:38:39 00:26:38 00:03:40 01:25:16 00:02:06 00:41:01

Dena Hogan did the club proud representing Ireland in the 2014 Kitzbühel ETU Triathlon European Championships in Austria finishing in an impressive 11th position against the cream of Europe – well done Dena!


Hook or by Crook 2014

Well done to Ciara Bowe and Bill Barry competing in this year’s Hook by Crook Sprint Tri in Dunmore East. It was Ciara’s first Triathlon and she recorded a fantastic result finishing very strongly.

Ciara Bowe, 2014

Ciara Bowe, 2014

Race report by Bill Barry

“Twas another beautiful day for the Hook or by Crook Triathlon in fabulous Dunmore East. It has to be the first race morning that I haven’t been a ball of nervous tension. I must be getting used to this madness. I really look forward to this race every year and it didn’t dissapoint yet again. Sun, Sea, Great atmosphere, and my family there to cheer me on. (i think when the girls are older they’ll certify me as totally nuts).
For the first time I was in the second (old men & ladies) wave. I was looking forward to the sedate, non-agressive race start. Not a bit of it. I looked around and there seemed to be way more in wave 2 than wave 1. And the start was quite congested and choppy. I was sure there was a few karate chops aimed in my direction. I was happy with the way the swim went and particularly my navigation for a change. Thanks again to Liam O’Neill for forcing us to practice that!! I got out of the water and actually ran up the cliff path. I usually run/walk this portion. Did my T1 on auto-pilot (very slow) and out I went on the bike.
I had said to myself beforehand that I would try to force the pace a bit more on the bike, as this is where i usually hold back. But my legs weren’t responding. Eventually after about 4k my legs woke up and up went the speed. But a slight cross/headwind limited my top end. I was happy with the way things were going til the return leg and LOTS of traffic. Car traffic. It was silly and downright dangerous at times. And just when I left the traffic behind(after some colourful hand gestures(who knew I could cycle one-handed)) I came across more traffic, only this time in the form of a bloody peloton. Or pelo-tone as Sean Kelly would say. At least 15 mostly black and green jerseys riding together. Where were the marshalls? A little colourful language in a slightly raised voice put the frighteners on a few of ‘em and I was past in a jiffy(still mumbling profanities under my breath). Into T2 and again into slow-mo. Too relaxed me thinks.
And away on the run. As is usual with this race I started the run with a dodgy gut. Too much fluids maybe. I let a few people go past me at the start of the run up the hill as I knew there was a sting in the tail of this hill. And as I predicted (yes I was feeling a bit smug) I passed them back out on the last steepest section of the hill. As we flattened out at the top I decided to kick into top gear. Only to find i left it in a ditch somewhere when I started Ironman training!! As hard as I tried I could only go up one gear from Ironman pace. I had some company for the rest of the run and trotted out a good strong steady, if not lightning, pace.As I was coming in the last few K I thought to myself-Jaysus is it over already? At the finish a young fella less than half my age thanked me for pacing him!!! I took his details so I could send him the bill.
I ended the day with a 1:30. Not much of an improvement on last year, but I enjoyed every second of it.”

Ballyhoura 2014 XC NPS Round 4

Results -> https://www.dropbox.com/s/5qq8w2xgf4tqr … 20Full.pdf

Report by David Furlong

“Good race on Sunday. Hard and physical. me, Jim, Brian and Miron made the trip. Luckily it was dry on the day, but very muddy in places from the rain in Saturday. For some reason the fields were smaller than usual and quite strong, probably because of the weather and the marathon champs next weekend..

Miron coped very well in the S4 race and Brian, myself and Jim finished in that order in the s3′s. I thought I had mcElwee but he powered away from me on the last lap. Good day out and well worth the trip after the mudfest of Lady Dixon”

Some great pics on the day

http://adrianvanderlee.zenfolio.com/p42 … #h27c822b9

http://adrianvanderlee.zenfolio.com/p42 … #h192e507b
http://adrianvanderlee.zenfolio.com/p42 … #h308d3aca
http://adrianvanderlee.zenfolio.com/p42 … #h1aaca0a1
http://adrianvanderlee.zenfolio.com/p42 … #h13e99352
http://adrianvanderlee.zenfolio.com/p42 … #h2e22035a




XC NPS Rnd 3 Lady Dixon Park – Mud Apocalypse in Belfast!

Race Report by David Furlong

Results -> http://www.elitetiming.co.uk/Results/NPS_2014_RD3.pdf

“Sir Thomas and Lady Dixon Park…ah yes, the smell of roses, beautifully cultivated lawns, old oaks and fast flowing dusty singletrack…That was last year…. :( 

So off we set at 8am, destination Malone, the affluent southern suburb of Belfast and Lady Dixon Park, host to Rd3 of the 2014 XC NPS. Chauffeur for the day was Jim, with DC joining the party. McElwee was already in the advance party having travelled on Saturday and holing up in some dodgy Belfast establishment overnight.Although we were to learn later that the dodgy establishment had a friggin jacuzzi!

So as DC previously mentioned, it was just like 2008 over again. Except in 2008 we were nervous wrecks, shoving copious amount of carbs and drink down our necks and enduring multiple toilet stops en-route. But now we’re the old dogs for the hard road, experienced campaigners all chillaxed. Only problem is old dogs are slow dogs.

Arrived at 11 and after meeting up with Mc and a quick registration me and Jim decided to get togged out and head for a quick lap. The weather was iffy at this stage and it was obvious that it had pee-ed it down overnight. Mc and DC were not so keen on an early practice and with Mc complaining of a dodge knee they decided to do a track walk instead. Track walk I hear ya say. very pro. Having ridden the course before off we set looking forward to the singletrack. We were soon awoken. The rain had given the surface the consistency of butter and trying to stay upright was a big challenge. The steep kickers were unfortunately unrideable, so off the bike and a quick run. So in summary, slidder down hill, fall off, pick up bike, run uphill. Some flat bits and grassy climbs in between. Repeat 3 times. The big problem was the claggy muck sticking in the wheels and drivetrain.
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Frank O’Rourke Memorial 2014

John Dempsey takes on A4 racing!

Report by John

“Mick was fairly battered afterwards, looked like he’d be tender for a while and probably has a few days of picking bits of road from himself for his troubles. He says the bike is ok though so that’s the important thing :)
Fair play Patsy, sounds like you had the best day of us all. Mick pointed out your back to me before the start as you rode past to get started, sure next time.
I was happy with my first A4 race and was able to largely hold my own without lighting the race up. There were no real attacks launched from the A4′s, but instead the pace rocketed up at various points instead as the group surged and came back. The blatant disregard for the rules of the road by many was shocking, especially after a few near misses, pinch points, and even crashes, some of these fools made great candidates for the Darwin Awards. As a result I spent a lot of the time watching other lads to ensure that they didn’t bring me down, thankfully I was never in any real danger.
A4 racing is tough though, you’d think you’d be good and strong, but this race wasn’t easy. There were several lads shelled out the back alright, but the guys up front were well able to drive it. I had kept to the front of middle in the bunch all day staying out of trouble from behind, and as a result didn’t even see Mick’s crash. But at the start of the final lap I got my gearing wrong for the long climb and drifted back through the bunch, dangling off the end at one stage. I felt strong though and along with another lad we had just made back contact when there was another crash in the A4′s that we had to tiptoe around. The bunch were gone and we never remade contact with them. Hooked up with Phil Skelton after this though and we picked up another few lads to ride out the full of the race and come in not too far behind the winners.
I would have loved to have stayed with the bunch till the finish, and without the final crash I may well have done. Hopefully I’ll get another chance to lash round the Gorey circuit this Tuesday, and with some more training I can give the Sam and Betty Darcy memorial race in Gorey a decent shot at the end of the month (so long as this baby doesn’t come first ;) )
Phil Skelton did a great job minding me today, thanks for all the advice and help. He did fairly freak out a few of the others lads in our mini peloton on the final lap though as he was using his fists to physically beat the cramp out of his legs, roaring like a bull while he doing it :shock: never missed a beat though and finished strong with the rest of us. 50 years old apparently, and strong as an ox.
A good race, real eye opener, hopefully there might be a few more from the club out for Gorey at the end of May.”

John Demp

Lorraine Byrne hits the podium!

NPS XC round 1 in Slade Valley

Race report by David Furlong

“The usual R795 order remains the same in the S3 ranks, McElwee, DC, me, Jim. Ciara had a puncture and Miron did good in his first S4 race. of course Lorraine was the star, on the podium in 3rd (aren’t you on Facebook…. :o ). Rudolf, now back racing with EPIC was 3rd in S2 which was a great achievement in a really tough category

Hard race in good conditions, great to be at it again…now for more training, I’ll catch them feckers before the year is out!

Results: https://www.dropbox.com/s/dwqf0vc729o37 … _IMBRC.pdf“”

Lorraine Byrne on her way to capturing 3rd!

Lorraine Byrne on her way to capturing 3rd!

Bill Barry eats Iron-man Australia up!

Well done Bill Barry – super super Iron-man performance down in Oz! Stats by our man on the ground Pj Dunne

Super swim @65 mins
Brilliant bike @ just over 6hrs 18mins
Rampant run @ just over 4 hrs 12mins

bill Bill1


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