2014 – A beautiful summer on the mountain!

Summer 2014 will be remembered as a beautiful warm summer on the slopes of Mountain Leinster with our mountain bikers hitting the trails each week in ideal conditions.

The McCords – the unstoppable sportive train!

Nigel and Trish McCord have zipped around the country in a ton of sportives this year and helped spread the Racing795 gospel! For good measure Nigel has been on the mountain with the bikers also and Trish has thrown in some excellent half marathons in 2014 with 1 hour 48 minutes clocked for the Dublin half marathon in September. Keep flying the flags guys!

Hardman Ironman Triathlon 2014

Peter Coulahan successfully completed the Hardman Ironman Triathlon again this year – they don’t call it the Hardman for nothing! The cycle itself is the very tough Ring of Kerry. Peter’s report

Ruari, Siobhan and Peter in Sunny PortLaoise

Peter on the far right pictured with Ruairi and Siobhan

“13.38 – 1.14 swim, 6.46 bike, 5.24 run. Suffered like a dog from about 90km on the bike and for the whole run. Hadn’t realised how much the bike would take out of me with no real training. It was physically the hardest thing I’ve ever done. It’s going to take my body a long time to get over it. Came close to dropping out a few times. Glad I stuck it out. Officially retired from all long distance races for at least 5 years now.”

Athy Sprint Tri 13th September 2014

Well done to Dena Hogan who took 2nd in the Tri and first in the 5km run. Fintan Redmond took 3rd and Tracey Redmond was second in the 5km run. Clean up job by 795!

Donadea Forest Duathlon

Report by Ross Moorehead

“It was with my usual preparation and diligent research that led me to choose donadea duathlon, thought I’d bring the lads along for the company as well. ( ok so pj picked it and frank told me about it fri night ) . Frank volunteered to drive so we were met with his cheery urine soaked cornflake mood early in clonegal took til Naas for it to lift!!. As we left the weather looked shocking but pj assured us it would clear and he wouldn’t take us to an event with adverse weather conditions and sure enough like franks mood by Naas it too lifted!

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Cyclocross Season 2014 – 2015 starts in Rathfarnham Village

David Conway and David Furlong were in action at the Rathfarnham Village Cyclocross race with Conway taking Furlongs scalp (not a easy thing to do for various reasons!)

David Furlong in action

David Furlong in action

Results ttp://www.elitetiming.co.uk/Results/Ra … esults.pdf

Short Report by David Furlong

“This was a one-off race run by the organisers of the Supercross Cup, which I raced last year. It was in conjunction with Rathfarnham Village festival and bound to be good craic. After all the solo trips last year I was delighted to have convinced DC to give it a go this year…

What can I say…it was deadly as usual! Start was a sprint down the main street of Rathfarnham around onto the main rd, down a side lane onto a ramp, down a steep bank then into a wood with some sketchy singletrack (including a drop some mtb’ers would baulk at :) ), then the obligatory tight turny bits, hurdles and back up then steep bank. Then repeat 6 times. The aerial shot below gives an idea.

hats off to the organisers, great idea, great venue, LOADS of spectators, very family friendly. I was telling DC all last year how he’d love this cyclocross lark and lo and behold he declared to me afterwards that it was the best racing buzz he’s had since his first mtb race. “

Wild Bill does Ironman Austrailia 2014

Race Report by Bill Barry

“Ok, I may as well start at the beginning. A long long time ago in a galaxy far far away. Ok, not a galaxy, but ya get the idea. When I was a chap, while I was up waiting for some late night metal show, I came across this documentary about a guy who had Aids and after some time of self pity and abuse he decided to change his life around. He ended up doin an Ironman( i think Hawaii ). It was a very inspiring docu, and as I had seen some Triathlons and enjoyed watching them, I said to myself that one day I would do an Ironman.

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