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Beast of the East 26th July 2009 – Race Report

Sunday morning dawned on the 26th July to gales, monsoon rains and floods. Ok, it wasn’t quite that bad but getting out of bed on the morning of the 2nd Beast of the East didn’t feel like it was going to be a walk in the park, and it wasn’t. Just in time for the start of the race, the rain gave us a reprieve and the beast took the form of a million different beasts otherwise known as midges and I have the scars to prove it.

After a good clear swim in Lough Dan, we exited the water (myself in 32.24 )and we took off on the bike straight into a 1km climb. Thisresulted in the strange sight of competitors walking their bikes up the hill!  The bike course continued over unforgiving undulations into Laragh and at 32kms we were directed up a never ending hill which would compare to any climb on Mount Leinster. Back into T2 after 1hr 21:46, we set off for the run and met the same bike walking hill. It was an up and back course which became a leg shattering down hill into the finish after 46:41 seconds to give an overall time of 2:45:20. Incidentally, the finish was compered by Craig Doyle a fact which has my wife signing up for next year. A tough course but well organised and marshalled and highly recommended.  I’ll be going back for another stab at the beast.

Race Detail and Results can be found here

Martin Mimnagh

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