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Our Man Down Under

Racing795’s overseas adventures continue this weekend, with David Conway taking on Melbourne’s 210km cycle ‘Around the Bay in a Day’.

The course is based around Melbourne’s Port Phillip Bay, and even takes in a ferry ride along the way. Route Details

This is the 17th running of one of Australia’s most famous cycling events. The event takes place this Sunday, 18th October.
David will be joined by his brothers Tommie and Jamie, who are both Melbourne residents. Rumour has it they may be sporting the 795 colours for the day. Tommie is no stranger to endurance events, having completed numerous marathons and a half Ironman a number of years ago. Jamie is an avid cyclist, and was responsible in no small way for some of the mtb trails we currently ride around Bunclody.

Good Luck !

2 Responses

  1. few nice little climbs there lads!!

  2. Yeah, I’m told the last one over the Westgate bridge is the killer. Can’t wait now, bring it on! DC

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