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Leinster League Round 1 – Course Description

Racing795 is busily preparing  your entertainment for 28th March. It’s gonna be fun, don’t miss it!

Here’s a taste of what to expect…

Start by the wood cutters hut – a nice 1km fire road climb. Not too nasty, but sharp enough to get the legs burning and the lungs cleared out. Up around the bad bend beside the steep field, and before you know it you’ll be dropping right, off road and into Paradise. This mature twisting, turning singletrack section has everything – rocks, roots, downs, ups, but nothing too technical. Speed will be your friend in Paradise.

Exiting Paradise, turn left and face uphill along the High Gravel Road. Nothing too severe, just a gradual doubletrack climb. A little loose in places so watch that rear wheel. Lots of passing opportunities here if your legs are up to it. As you climb to the top of the course look down to your right. That’s where you started and you’ve climbed a long way, but across the valley Mt Leinster and the Blackstairs mock your puny efforts.

Once over the crest of the hill, enjoy some brief gravitational assistance before lining yourself up for the narrow entrance to Critical Mass. Maybe say a quick prayer as you do. Start off tight and twisty and avoid the rocks. Then pick your line carefully down the sharp Slickrock descent. Now the real fun begins, let the brakes go, and “whoosh!” Dive into the Dark Wood. Hammer through the rest of Critical Mass at speed and keep the adrenaline pumping!

You’ll exit Critical Mass with a big happy head but this is no time for self-congratulation. Cross an old fire road then try not to dab as you enter The Dabbage Patch. Keep your wits about you, find the right line through the rocks, then glide through the gorse before climbing slightly through the nastiest rock garden this side of the Wicklow Mountains. Keep the throttle on high to power through.

A nice straight run then and head for the Lower Wood. Get ready for more grinning as you enter the wood, then pedal as fast as you dare to take the fast swooping turns.

Then the sting in the tail – climb sharply back up to the top of the wood, legs burning and take a sharp left straight back down to where you started.

Time to do it all again….

[Coming soon – the “stoked” version of the course description – You’ll be stoked!]

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  1. […] Racing795 will be hosting the first of the Leinster XC League races on 28th March in Kilbrannish, near Bunclody, Wexford. […]

  2. […] Leinster XC League takes place this Sunday in Kilbrannish, near Bunclody, Co. Wexford. New club Racing 795 have laid out an all-new course for the event. You can read more on […]

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