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Leinster XC League Rd 1 Video Preview

Leinster XC League Rd 1 course preview.
Headcam by Rudolf. Niall Davis of Biking.ie leads the way.

Race Date 28/3/2010. Info

5 Responses

  1. wow!
    that looks feckin deadly altogether, can’t wait for this, I’ve memorised all Niall lines now
    I see ye even installed some monster fans to dry the trail? you guys are something else 😉

  2. great clip rudolf-there’s somethiing wrong if people don’t get enthused by that!

    • Hi,

      Will sport riders be issued with their results after the race? Thanks

      • Yes Rob, everyone that races will get results. They’ll be posted online asap after the race. Be patient with us though, this is our first time running a race!

  3. Nice one, really looking forward to it, and the weather forecast doesn’t look bad . thanks and good luck with the organisation.

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