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Leinster XC League 2 – Report

Team Racing795 before The Battle of the Schlomp.

Bellurgan Park, just off the M1 north of Dundalk, was the location for Round 2 of the 2010 Leinster XC League. It was a fine day with plenty of sunshine and a chilly breeze.

The course wound its way through a deciduous forest. Comprised of almost 100% singletrack, the race route was excellent, challenging and really well laid out. Unfortunately though, heavy rain during the week leading up to the race meant that some sections were extremely muddy. It was tough going, with no alternative at times but to jump off and push.

It was a day of mixed fortunes in the mud for the Racing795 team. Rudolf managed an excellent 5th in Masters, while David F didn’t finish due to broken chain. Ross was an impressive 16th in masters in his first senior category race, with David C following in 30th. Jim came 8th in Vets.

Thanks to Joy, Paddy, Niall and Isobel for the support, it’s always great to see friendly faces and hear encouraging words when you’re out there alone with your demons!

Many lessons were learned in the mud of Bellurgan Park. Roll on the NPS starting next Sunday in Slade Valley!



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