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Rudolf Brinkman, Club Champ 2010

Rudolf Brinkman, Racing795 Club Champ 2010.

Congratulations to Rudolf, who was crowned 2010 Club Champion at our delayed end-of-year shindig last Saturday night.

For those who don’t know, the club championship is decided by a points systems which rewards participation and improvement in our sports.

Rudolf is well known and respected on the Irish MTB scene, and a great asset to our club. Throughout 2010 Rudolf represented Racing795 with distinction all over Ireland, improving all the way. 

He seems pretty determined to hang onto the cup so good luck to all challengers in 2011! 

More party photos…

5 Responses

  1. g’wan Rudolph! that’s a big ole cup you are hoisting up there! Fair play to you, we’ll be expecting you to annihilate the field when Leinster League Rnd 1 swings into action – people are mad to get down there and race again -excellent course last year.

    • Howdy Fergal. Fair play to Rudolf, he’s flying! Looking forward to seeing MAD and everyone else in March. The course will feature all of last year’s fun with a few extensions.

  2. nice one Dave
    we hope to drop down to ye for a club outing sometime before it and get some sneaky practice in, we’ll be armed with Garmins, HR monitors, HD helmet cams, tyres with black lumps on them and loads of other goober technology – ye have been warmed!

    • Cool! We’re always on the lookout for goobers to steal stuff from! Seriously though, could do with a few wheels on the new sections so bring it on. I think you have D Furlong’s number so give him a shout to set it up.

  3. Hey Rudolf, gefeliciteerd! Grappig hoor, je zo googelend te vinden in Ierland met een megabeker in je hand! Je bent niks veranderd, ik hoop dat het goed met je gaat,
    groetjes, Charlotte

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