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Remembering Martin Mimnagh

Martin in racing mode, click image to see more photos (Photo: Pixels Promotions)

In the days ahead when we talk about Martin Mimnagh we will remember his genuineness and passion for doing the right thing. When Martin believed in something he put body and soul into it.

Martin and Siobhan have been part of the Racing795 family since the beginning. They were two of the first people to join the club when it opened for membership in 2009. Siobhan served two years on the committee as Child Protection Officer before Martin took over in the same capacity. Martin and Siobhan were a team, so no matter which Mimnagh was on the committee, we knew we were getting two for the price of one. Together they have contributed hugely to the club’s development.

Martin worked tirelessly to organise and run club races and events. He wasn’t always the first to arrive, but he never left till all the work was done. He was a key member of the Tri795 triathlon committee for the last three years. On race days he could be seen doing several jobs at once, while somehow managing to mind at least one of his four children.

In training and competition Martin was a fine, powerful athlete. To see him in full flight, giving his all, was impressive and inspiring. His young family travelled with him to many of his races, indeed Siobhan was often racing herself. As an athlete and a sportsman Martin’s family can be very proud of him, he was something special.

In the week following Martin’s death there were hundreds of comments about Martin on social media and other websites. One person commented on Facebook:

“Thank you for all your advice at my very first triathlon in Portlaoise – you embodied all that is good in Triathlon and in people”.

That was typical of Martin’s mentoring approach, he always wanted to help everyone be as good as they could be.

When it came to cycling Martin was like most of us, he loved company on the road but he also enjoyed the occasional solitude of a solo spin. He said once that he found it a great way to clear his mind and think things through. If he had a problem to solve or something to figure out he could relax on the bike and have it all sorted out when he got home. It is some small comfort to know that Martin died doing something he loved, just riding his bike.

The members of Racing795 offer heartfelt sympathy to Martin’s extended family and most especially to our clubmate Siobhan and her children, Edana, Niall, Maebh and Conor.

We have lost our big, strong, passionate friend and we miss him terribly. We will never forget him.



Members of Racing795 have been touched and encouraged by the numerous expressions of sympathy and support over the last week. From Facebook and Twitter comments, to emails and phone calls, to publicly honouring our friend through moments of silence, there are too many examples to mention but we know what’s happening and we appreciate it more than you know. We’ll see you all soon and thank you personally.

Before Martin died, he was working on a “grand plan” to honour his recently deceased father Frank Mimnagh and raise some funds for Marie Curie Cancer Care and The Irish Hospice Foundation.
Martin’s family and friends are determined to carry on with the plan.
Visit Tour de Frank on Facebook to find out more or make a donation.

As if he didn’t have enough to do, Martin was also involved in the organisation of the Church to Church 10KM Mogue O Neill Memorial Run & Family Walk. Go to their Facebook Event Page to find out more and sign up.

3 Responses

  1. This is lovely written. So heartbreaking to read but it does capture Martin well. I know that Siobhan will appreciate this in the weeks and months ahead. Thanks to all in the club for the support shown over the past week.
    Paula O’Neill

  2. Very warm words spoke from the heart for a very nice man I never met, my loss. Stewart Butler,

  3. Nice article on Martin and sums him up perfectly, one of life’s good guys with a big heart and always ready and willing to help others. Played a fair of football and hurling with Martin and he was a competitive man and strong as an ox. Still hard to believe he is gone, thoughts and prayers with Siobhan and the children and the rest of Martin’s friends and family as they face this difficult time.

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