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Nenagh National Series Sprint Triathlon – 20th April 2013


Raging Bill, PJ and Don flying the flag in Nenagh

[Report by PJ Dunne]

In an attempt to not be out-done by Yvonne on the day of her 40th birthday party, I decided to get a sex change and top my age group! I know it reads like a headline off one of Niall O ‘Muiri stories but it goes a little something like this…

Friday being Yvonne’s birthday I said I’d treat her so we headed off to Nenagh for a night away in a hotel (and a triathlon).

I registered for the race the Friday night. But instead of getting my own number and chip I got Frances Mary Buckley’s! The organisers said they would change it around, no problem.

Roll on Saturday morning and Don and Raging Bill had arrived. We chatted and set up our transition areas. I was off first in wave 2 and Bill in wave 6 Don in wave 7. I had just a 30 min wait after race briefing but the lads had a bit longer so we said our good lucks and off we went.

I think we all had a pretty uneventful swim. Head down and push as hard as you can. I was lucky I wasn’t held up but Don was held up and Bill had shoulder trouble.Despite the above Don put in a savage swim time and Bill not far behind.

The bike course is undulating and there were cross winds at times. Don took the honours here also on his fast and sleek looking bike. Frances (aka PJ)was only 3 seconds behind Don. Bill told me after he thought he was pushing to hard so backed off ( not so Raging Bill after all!!) or maybe that was the drink talking!

The run is 5.25km and had 2 long drags on it. Despite that, only 1 second separated Bill and Frances’ run times. Don’s legs decided they had enough and went home early (his own words), but now that his Achilles injury is sorted the training will start in earnest. Watch out.

The funny thing about pool triathlons is that I was showered ,changed, car packed, checked out and leaving transition with my bike when Bill was exiting the pool after his swim and I was on motorway before Don even started.

As I was in a rush to get back I couldn’t hang around to give abuse or support for that matter.

The finish times:

Frances Mary Buckley (aka P.J.). 1:14:18. 68 th/250

Don 1:14:34. 72nd/250

Bill 1:15:44. 84th/250

On the day where I came home ahead of Don for the first time it’s a pity I was a woman called Frances aged between 50-54. But at least I won my age group. Now where’s my prize! Don don’t feel too bad as only 3 people in the club have “beaten” you!

Thanks Yvonne for the support. I think we’re equal after party!


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