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XC NPS Round 3, Ticknock, Dublin – 12th May 2013

Up and over – Rudolf and his new 29er (Photo by Peter O’Toole)

[Report by Rudolf Brinkman]

DC, Brian Mc, Ross and myself headed up to do this round of the XC National Points Series. This time it was in Ticknock Dublin. This trail is well known by a lot of mtb users because its a purpose built trail. The MAD trail builders used very little of this trail so it was a proper XC track. Steep technical climbing, wet and rooty descents followed by some rocky up and down bits.

I was starting in S2 for four laps. DC, Brian and Ross who were in the S3 catogorie were getting ready to do three laps.

To thin out the field there was a horrible road climb in to the first bit of single track. I was way in the back before hitting the first bit of track. With 4 laps in mind and a steep technical climb I was gonna ease into the first lap. That worked I started passing riders and kept my distance from riders in front of me before hitting any single track. Here I could close the gap and annoy them. Then slowly ride away on the climbs. On the third lap it was time for a gel. I only bought these a week ago and hadn’t had a chance to test them. It was disgusting and managed only a 1/4 of the gel, the rest went on the ground (sorry I couldn’t face putting a 3/4 full gel wrapper in my back pocket). On I went on the last lap and managed to pass two more riders getting me into a 15th place.

Brian stayed ahead of the chasing posse and Dave passed Ross on the steep road climb near the top.

Great 1.5 hr racing and a super xc course.

Thanks to Brian Yeates and son Ben for blowing the horn in support, just as we were hitting a fast bit of single track. Brilliant!!!


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