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Valentia Island Triathlon – 11th May 2013

Islanders, Paul, There’s Frank!, Louise, Don and Dena.

[Report by Dena Hogan]

What felt like driving to another world, Emer and myself arrived into our b&b after 6 hours of driving, dumped the bike and bag and caught the ferry to the island to register. Got our numbers, hat and technical t-shirt, wave 1 for me happy with that plan of action to stick to the back and try draft, back to the B&B for an early night.

Woke at 7 after a good night’s sleep and dived to the window to see a dull but reasonably nice sky, happy days. Hit the breakfast room around 9 and happened on Don and Frank and was told the sneaky rumour floating around about a cancelled swim, nah I said to Emer no way, I raced in near hurricanes ( I’ve often told myself in training and racing that I will never ever come across any conditions worse the the lost sheep 2010) repeating this story to Emer I had her convinced too. Some toast and a banana for breakfast much to Eddie the owners disgust ” sure wouldn’t rashers and pudding keep you going all day” ummmm maybe tomorrow thanks Eddie!

Right time to go, over on the ferry looking out at the swim course, ah yeah says I this swim will definitely be on, sure it’s a bit choppy but nothing too bad, beep beep, message from Frank SWIM CANCELLED ah for f**k sake. Couldn’t still quite believe it, still in denial, till we got off the ferry and marshals running around everywhere changing transitions ordering you to predict your 3k run time for a 1-5 wave start. A little, ok a long moan and grumble with eventual acceptance, a duathlon it is.

I always wrestle with myself on the first leg, all out or save a little, on hearing about the bike course I decided to save a little. A very flat uneventful 1.5k out around a cone and back. Into T1 grab the bike out the bike exit boom climbing!
The first 5 k is a head down drag, and just to add insult you see the run turnaround point near the top of the club ah f***k I have to do this again! I think most will agree the bike was a bit hairy in places, head winds, crossed winds and hair pin turns are a bad combo, so I think most times would be slightly slower then usual.

2nd run was great for me, time to pick off a few of these cyclists that have just whizzed by me, 2:5 k climb up turnaround, and then my favorite bit of the whole day, flying down hill, sun in my face, legs turning over and 795ers cheering me on at the finish. Perfect.

It wasn’t the race we all wanted, but I think in the end no one was too dissapointed. With some great results. Well done everyone!

Now that’s the end of the report with no details on, missed ferries, make shift night clubs in sheds, jäger bomb competitions with pulse members in honor of 795, or 30k taxi trips at 4 in the morning to try get back to main land!

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