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XC NPS Round 5, Slade Valley, Dublin – 9th June 2013

Pushing through the pain! Photo: Adrian van der Lee

Rudolf Brinkman was our sole representative in this fast, dry, dusty race. The conditions obviously suited him as he came in a very impressive 7th place in the tough S2 category. What a difference a year makes, welcome back Rudolf! Here’s his brief summary of the race.

“Well the sun was out, the trails were dusty and there was some great racing in each category.

The start was very dusty with all the riders racing up the first fire road climb. Managed to get past a good few riders which meant I wasn’t eating dust any more. At this stage we dropped into a fast flowy descent on the open mountain followed by a new section through the wood. Fast fire road descent for a short while and more of the same type of descending with little jumps, bridges and berms.

There were a lot of roots on the track. With the super dry conditions this meant you could hit the roots hard and carry speed through the sections. Tyre pressure was crucial for that reason, too soft and you risked getting a blowout. To hard and the loose conditions on the descents could have you losing your front wheel. Well you wouldn’t “lose” it! The tyre will lose grip and you end up on your face!

4 laps in blistering heat and plenty of battles going on. Thanks to Conor of MAD who did my bottles. I couldn’t have done it without the feed zone. Drank nearly 2 liters of water during the race.

I had a good race. No crashes and felt good through the whole race. Managed to keep off 3 racers on the last lap. IMBRC did a excellent job designing and preparing the track. With the nice weather it was like racing somewhere in Spain.”


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