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TriGrandPrix Kilkenny, 27th July 2013

Niall, Louise, Mike, Adrian, Colm and Raging Bill in sunny Kilkenny

[Report syndicated by the legendary Niall O’Muirí]


Kilkenny was buzzing, Bruce was in the air, Born to Run was blaring from street side cafes, As 1200 tri athletes racked up in the majestic grounds of Kilkenny Castle. Where else would you want to be on a sunny Saturday morning in July.

We linked in with Adrian anxious to clock a good Olympic post Athy. Louise, her fourth Olympic of the year, sporting Number 1 on her vest, and Number 1 Wave….no pressure. Raging Bill drifting in, easy and laid back…while Mike Colm and myself opt for the “recreational” sprint, as Mike referred to it!! (Man, ye are going to be impossible to live with after ye complete an Ironman).

We travelled over the evening before, parked at Paddys Pub and cycled the 10k into Kilkenny covering the cycle route to registration. Thanks be to jaysus I checked out the river the previous evening, otherwise I was a deadman drowning. Because once you enter the water there’s no going back. There’s no messing with the River Noir, its dark and deep and slow moving its high walls hem you in, you have no choice but to swim…(It was reassuring reading John Dempseys report on The Beast of the East and their collective experience of the swim, even the good swimmers have a scarey moment). And as I entered the water, I swear I could hear Bruces “The River” playing in the distance… But Kilkenny was well organised, the swim waves were small and lacked the chaos normally associated with the swim section,Throughout the day our paths crossed, with shouts of encouragement, Colm on the road out as I was on my way in, Mike just exiting T1 as I entered T2 and Raging Bill our paths crossed as he started his second lap of the olympic run, and I headed for the finishing straight… The cycle route flat and fast, and there to cheer us on at the turn around Frank with his bike and 795 jersey and his gammy shoulder!!…well in the running for “Club Fan of the Year” at this years Christmas Party. The only problem was traffic on the edge of town near the shopping centres, but the bike lanes gave you loads of room and a feeling of security. The run was a nature trail through the manicured castle grounds…passing bemused walkers and tourists…and me with me heart attack head on me…

At days end, tired and emotional, we all made it home, Adrian happier with his times and days work, lays the Athy ghost to rest. Louise, disappointed and hurting, after struggling on her run. But as Dena posted on Facebook, just put it down to a tough training session, and live to race another day. Raging Bill first home, drifts of into the sunset happy and content, till we meet again at the next big event, Colm, under pressure heads home to put out fires and collect the child from the babysitter. And as me and Mike head for the car, we reflect on a wonderful day, a great event, in a beautiful city……and for Mike, a date with “The Boss” later that evening…

Kilkenny Results

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