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HERE COMES EVERYBODY……The story of the Tour…



I did not travel to Kilrush, The Grand Tours start was small and intimate, for family and friends and Racing 795’rs who were there at the beginning with Siobhan and Martin who shared those intimate moments of a small fledgling club…And now once more together with Siobhan and her family at the end. A dignified emotional moment and a fitting start to Martins’ Grand Plan….



You could feel the raw emotion in the air as the Kilrush Peloton rolled into Bunclody and its sea of Blue dotted with the red of the 795 jersey..There was a great sense of anticipation and excitement, that Martins Grand Plan was about to become a reality.

PJ and Frank who worked tirelessly from our end, clicked into gear, pulled the three peloton groups together, focused our minds…and after all the meetings, all the phone calls, all the texts, all the emails, all the…

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