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Ballyhoura – Biking Blitz Race Series 2014

Race report by Nigel McCord

Myself , Keith , Lorraine and Miron headed off this morning on our 2 and a half hour spin down ( big thanks to David F for a loan of his bike trailer ) , weather was brilliant all day , great talks on the way with the lovely scenery of snow capped mountains .

Arrived with enough time to do a small rece run and warm up of the final piece of single track , unfortunately we took the easy turn off on the final exit corner which would be me and Keith’s down fall later in the race .
Race starts and Brian was away with the Super Pros , Miron headed off on his charge and was in my sights for 3\4 of the race , Lorraine and me followed with Keith following up the rear . after awhile we were spread out and i tried to reel in Miron but he was gone .. I got a feckin cramp on the first section of Boardwalk and had to stop up for awhile , mean while Lorraine took a nasty fall with Keith following , she said to him to go on . he started on his charge and reeled me in on the final km , all I heard behind me was `Well Lad` …. he scared the be jasus out of me , OK pressure on now we flew along with me trying my best not to make a mistake and give him the lead , then he over shot a fire road cross over and I thought I was save , but bang there he was back on me wheel pushing me on and shouting …. ` First chance I get I,m taking ya …. Lad ` …. Then last turn 100ft from finish the final push up the loose gravel which we missed on our rece run ,I jammed in high gear and bike stops , Keith drives to the left and bang he’s off the bike jammed in gear also , next thing the 2 of us are running flat out up the hill and across the finish line with the crowd cheering …. Ah just brilliant it was . I think Keith got me by a wheel length , Miron was there waiting for us . Lorraine arrived soon after very sore , and then Brian a bit later in the Pros . overall a bloody great day and one to always remember . and yes Barry Byrne this Club defininty sucks you in ……….


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