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Hardman Ironman Triathlon 2014

Peter Coulahan successfully completed the Hardman Ironman Triathlon again this year – they don’t call it the Hardman for nothing! The cycle itself is the very tough Ring of Kerry. Peter’s report

Ruari, Siobhan and Peter in Sunny PortLaoise

Peter on the far right pictured with Ruairi and Siobhan

“13.38 – 1.14 swim, 6.46 bike, 5.24 run. Suffered like a dog from about 90km on the bike and for the whole run. Hadn’t realised how much the bike would take out of me with no real training. It was physically the hardest thing I’ve ever done. It’s going to take my body a long time to get over it. Came close to dropping out a few times. Glad I stuck it out. Officially retired from all long distance races for at least 5 years now.”

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