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The Muddy Cup -Cyclocross Race

Race Report by Frank Burke

The Muddy Cup

The two David’s and I headed for Cashel on Sunday last. Arrived in good time to register and warm up. Race due to start at 12.10 so headed off on bikes at 11 to reccie the course. Seemed straight forward but tis amazing how any course at an easy pace can be so differ when “the pedal is to the metal”!

Returned to start line to find out race would be delayed til 1.30 so they could let off A and B together. Comprises was reached. We were all off at 1pm! So back to the car for awhile and then warm up no. 2! DC went behind a few bushes and was spotted doing a pose best described as a cross between Mr. Myiagi of Karate Kid fame and a shootout pose from High Noon. Details of why can be found in. “The New England Journal of Medicine”. Anyway the sun was shining so how bad.

We were off at 1 an the two boyos got off to a flier. Conway lead the first lap, DF not far behind an I was a few places back. Race settled down an we were strung out. Lap 4 of 9 seemed to cause all of us to slow down as the course cut up an very few could stick the pace we set in the first three. It’s so hard to count these laps when tired so not exactly sure when I passed DF and then DC. Held this order for a while until early in second last lap, DF went by me on a long uphill grassy drag (against the wind), like I Was Standing Still!! Head down trying to close the gap but there was no injection of pace left in the legs. DF (we found out after) timed his big push thinking it was the last lap! However the man on the black rose finished strong while DC an I fell away, yet we ended up on a sprint finish with nothing between us.

We’ll done an congrats to DF who was full value for his win and came 5th into the bargain. As with all the other races the healthy competition between club members means we left everything out on the course and I can honestly say that if the other red jerseys were absent, I would most definitely finish further back the field.

So in the four races, the order of where we placed was different in every race with us all getting at least one win over the other two. DC shaded it with more wins. Cyclocross is unpredictable and you need to be in top form on the day as it’s flat to the mat for an hour.

It was my first season an what attracted me to it was a comment made by DC. Fun Fitness and Improved Bike Handling! The shite talk on the way to and the what ifs on the way home along with a little more shite talk always makes the journey shorter an more enjoyable.

I think we will have at least 9 travelling to cyclocross next winter so get your bike sorted in time. The 2 David showed me the ropes over a few tues nts and was a huge help……another reason to be a member of Racing795. Someone make a list of the range of events we compete in….you will never get bored.

Roll on 2015/2016 season an sur we might even run a race….min no of Marshall required an 2 muddy fields required an a few temporary electric fence poles.

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