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Donadea 50 km

Small race report….by Dena Hogan

Tom and myself headed up to a hotel near the start for less hassle race morning (and it got tom out of buying a valentines present, sure wasn’t I getting a night away..)
Good breaky of the usual and headed over to register for 9. Race was a rolling 5k x10 lap course.
So I had a goal of podium place, and qualifying time for the world championships 2016 (3:50) my race plan was to stick to a 7:05 mile no matter what anyone else does.
So we had josh and friends on the course that handed out our nutrition, I knew I was fully trained but I had a big fear of stomach problems like Roth. However it was all going brilliantly, too brilliantly … First 7 laps 21 miles 6:55 pace. :roll:
I lead the entire race till mile 29 and the last lap, where the 2nd place lady ran by. I had nothing in me to respond. If I had of gone out at my original plan I’m sure things would have gone differently. #heartbreaking

However I can’t be disappointed I came 2nd in the national Irish championships in my first ever ultra. I ran a pb for the marathon and I had a really enjoyable time doing it. The course and people involved made it a great experience.

My advice for anyone .. Joy ;) is have belief and discipline , make a race plan and stick to it no matter how good u feel. After 29 mile even 2 miles can seem so hard.
You will do great joy. Sure u only have to do my race twice is it? It will be an unbelievable achievement for u. Keep up the hard work and like always u will see it through with your no die attitude. :evil:

Tom did great too, although he made the same mistake and ran to hard in the beginning 5:45 per mile for the first 20.
2:33 marathon :shock:

You live and learn,

Thanks Tracy and Fintan for the support and pics.

Now 12 weeks till the European championships …….

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