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Tri Laois

Report By Dena Hogan

So was on the waiting list for this one as left it till the last min to enter, got the email tue to say i could have a spot. Which i was really glad to take as i think its the only triathlon I’m going to get in before the European Championships.

On the road for 6am to be registered and attend mandatory race brief at 8:15am, now only 4 hours to kill till my wave, shopping it it is pop over to TK max, and a pre race tea and scone.

So id been a bit ambitious and put down 12 min for swim, but i wanted to make sure i was in a fast lane and hopefully reap the rewards of a drafting off a fast swimmer. I had been chatting to the 4 men i was sharing the lane and decided to go 4th in the pecking order, finished the swim with alot left in the tank, hard to know could i have gone a whole lot faster or did i make the smart choice of being on your mans feet and saving myself?

Head out on the bike, great rolling course nothing too savage and perfect weather made for great race conditions, very happy with my bike time, maybe im not a runner that dabbles in a bit of biking after all :?

Run was a gentle down hill 2.5k round a cone and a gentle up hill back. Its great because got to spot my frenamie Lizanne making ground, gave me a little push on.

Great start to the season, Well done Jarlath i know that hard work in the pool is paying off shaving over 2 min off your swim time!

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