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Joey Hannan Memorial Triathlon

Race Report By Elaine Gibson

Mike asked if I would post a short report on my experience of the Joey Hannon Tri since it was first Olympic [maybe it’ll be use to another newbie!]. Actually I’m fairly green all round…I’ve never participated as part of a club and my tri experience consists of 3 sprint triathlons [very sporadically!] over the past 3 or 4 years [bunclody pool one, Hook tri & kk sprint last year]. I had aimed to do an Olympic this year, but not so early in the year – but I couldn’t resist as my husband [Kevin] was registering just after Christmas – I knew the envy would kill me on the day so I had to :-)

Overall it was a fantastic experience and I loved/hated every minute of it! The weather was perfect after a doomsday type forecast! My swim wasn’t so good though…I had never timed a 1500m swim before; guessed at 35 mins when I registered back in Jan. I did it in 34-ish mins but could have done so much better for a few reasons – I was sick with nerves [unwarranted of course] so it took me half the swim to breathe properly and relax/never swam in a 50m pool before/didn’t use the end walls at all to kick off and we organised our lane really badly – loads of lessons learned there!!

I was delighted with the cycle and loved every second [it was really very flat], good time for me 1h17 ish [although I have nothing to compare it to either!]. The run was good for me also – 50m [my normal 10km isn’t a whole lot faster]. I need to mention my transitions though – ABSOLUTELY SHOCKING – I couldn’t believe it when I saw the times! My husband asked me if I had stopped for a cigarette :D I think I need to skip the drying between my toes, forget the socks and skip the big discussion in the transition area about my terrible swimming! Any advice on transition techniques will be welcome! Overall 2 h 50 – I would have been delighted with 3 hours – so I was over the moon to have finished in one piece and first Olympic tri in the bag :D

Looking forward to Carlow next weekend and also Tri the Hook in August [last time I tried that one 3 years ago, I near died of fright in the sea swim – haven’t swam in the sea since – some fears to conquer between now and then!

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