MTB Challenge 2015

Racing795 MTB Challenge


This event took place on 30th August 2015

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The Racing795 Mount Leinster MTB Challenge is a mountain biking “sportive” on some of the best mountain biking trails in the south east. It takes place in Kilbrannish Forest near Bunclody. Watch promo

You can expect a relaxed non-competitive atmosphere, plenty of challenging climbs, stunning scenery, open mountain and forest trails, and lots of rugged, natural singletrack. The route is approximately 35km long with about 1300m of ascent. A shorter distance will also be available. We expect average riders to complete the long course in 3.5 to 4 hours. More details on the route.

Event Info:
Directions, Timetable, Sign-On etc
Safety Guidelines and Essential Equipment
The route

From the Archive:
The first Mount Leinster MTB Challenge took place in 2013 in glorious July sunshine. The event drew 175 MTB riders from across the spectrum of disciplines and abilities. Feedback was universally positive. Racing795 is looking forward to welcoming an even bigger crowd on August 30th.
2013 finishing times | A few photos and thanks – 2013 | 2013 Promo Video

6 Responses

  1. Hi
    Can I enter on the day?

  2. Hi, Three of us started mountain biking a few months back. We were going to go and watch some of the riders on sunday but one of the guys suggested that we enter and do the short route. We would be fine with the downhill and technical stuff but our fitness levels might not be up to the heavy climbs. Would we be ok to enter, start at the back of the pack, probably walk most of the heavy climbs and see how we get on.

    • If you have some experience and are normally able for a 2-3 hour spin then the short route should be manageable Martin. It’s not a race so take your time and enjoy it. If it proves too much the sweeper can show you the short cuts!

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