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Strava Challenge Information

A useful website for recording your athletic endeavours is www.strava.com

For those that are not registered on Strava already

  1. click on the ‘log in’ button on the top right hand corner (it’s the bright orange one)
  2. click on ‘sign up’ on the top line of the next page
  3. enter email & password

You now have access to an account.

You can also download the ‘app’ from the play store / itunes if you do not own a gps device and use this to register.


Once signed up and logged in, on the top right hand corner, to the left of the + icon,

  1. click on the down arrow,
  2. select ‘settings’,
  3. on the left hand side of the page select ‘privacy’,
  4. you can now enter your home address and select a privacy zone of up to 1km. This will hide your home location if you are starting your run or cycles from there and it will not be visible on the internet.

There are also options to enhance your privacy by hiding your details from leaderbaords, marking them private, etc.  However, if you do that your fellow 795 friends will also not be able to view what you have achieved.

Join a club

On the top line of the Strava page, once signed in there are a number options with  downarrows across the top of the page as follows:-

Dashboard / Training / Explore / Challenges

To Join the Racing 795 club click on

  1. Explore
  2. select ‘clubs’
  3. in the text boxes that appear, place
    1. racing795 (all one word) in the club name box
    2. Ireland in the location box
    3. Click on search
  4. select Racing 795 and join the club.
  5. that will bring you to the club page where you can view last week and this weeks leaderboards providing info on time spend on each activity uploaded.

Making friends on Strava


This makes it a community and I suppose the athlete version of facebook (except you don’t have to read all the crap associated with the latter)

Again, like Joining the club –

  1. click on ‘Explore’
  2. click on ‘athlete search’
  3. input the name of the person you are looking for and search.
  4. when you have found the person then click on ‘request to follow’

Keeping track of your gear

To allow you to keep track of your gear, i.e runners, bike, and how many kms you have put on them on the top right hand corner of the webpage, to the left of the  + icon,

  1. click on the down arrow,
  2. select ‘settings’,
  3. on the left hand side of the page select ‘my gear’,
  4. input your bike details / runner details and this will track km’s as you upload each activity.


How to record and upload an activity

 There are three ways to record and upload an activity as hereunder:-


  1. by way of GPS Device like a garmin / polar watch.

 If you own one of these you will probably upload to garmin / the polar equivalent already.  If not you may want to consider registering an account for your watch / bike computer.

After that it is a simple case of turning on the watch, obtaining gps location, start / stop the watch, save the activity and upload to your account.  It is possible to link these accounts with stava to allow for automatic transfer of the activities across and this can be found by

    1. click on the + icon (top right hand corner of web page)
    2. select ‘upload activity’
    3. follow the instructions


  1. by mobile phone


  1. You first have to have downloaded the Strava app from the play store / itunes,
  2. logged into the account on your phone using the email and password you provided to register the account
  3. turn the mobile phone ‘location setting’ on for gps to work.


When you are ready to start your activity (run / bike).


  1. tap on the Strava icon on your phone.
  2. tap on the three white horizontal lines on orange background on the top left hand corner of your phone screen.
  3. select ‘record activity’
  4. select either ‘running’ or ‘cycling’
  5. select ‘start’
  6. off you go, put your phone in the back pocket of your cycling jersey or carry when running (an mobile phone armband can be handy here)
  7. the phone will start recording time / distance, etc
  8. when you finish your activity select the ‘stop’ button
  9. You now have a choice of
    1. Select ‘resume’
      1. i.e. if you want to continue on your activity
    2. Select ‘finish’
      1. If you have finished this will bring you to another screen
      2. Add a title to your activity e.g. ‘5k run’
  • NB Click on ‘save’ (top right hand corner).
  1. Select the icon (which is either a bike or a run symbol) located above the ‘resume’ and ‘finish’ icons to change activity and then select ‘resume’ to start the new activity

This is handy if doing a brick session i.e. you want to bike and then run.  Repeat step ‘b’ to save the whole activity.

  1. to view the activity afterwards it will appear on your mobile strava app when you log on or click on ‘dashboard’ if you log onto stava via a pc 
  • by manual upload

 This is handy if you use the turbo trainer or you swim and do not own a gps device.  It allows you to record the activity manually.

This can be done via

  1. mobile phone – click on the + icon
  2. PC by also clicking on the + icon
  3. Select ‘add manual entry’.
  4. fill in the text fields as appropriate.

How to view your activities and your friends / club activities

On the PC

  1. Log into Strava
  2. Click on ‘Dashboard’
  3. Select ‘activity feed’
  4. This will display all activities of you and your friends.

If you want to see your own activities only, on the second line down towards the middle of the page there is the word ‘following’ with a downarrow.  Click on it and select ‘your activities’.

To view the ‘clubs’ (members) activities

  1. click on ‘dashboard’
  2. on the right hand side of the screen you will see the club icon
  3. click on it and it will bring you to the leaderboards.

On the Mobile phone

  1. tap on the Strava icon on your phone.
  2. tap on the three white horizontal lines on orange background on the top left hand corner of your phone screen.
  3. select ‘feed’ to view you and your fiends or ‘club’ to view the club activities



Monthly targets to be achieved leading to awards at xmas party for those that succeed, i.e. achieve their monthly target each month January through to November 2018.

Participant should declare from outset whether they are registering for ‘triathlon’, ‘cycle only’ or ‘run only’

For the early months of the year, i.e. January / February we consider the following targets for a triathlete

Cycle – 200km (average of 50km per week)

Run – 60km (average of 15km per week)

Swim – 10km (average of 2.5km per week)

For a cyclist only – 200km (average of 75km per week) initially, reviewed on a monthly basis

for a runner only – 100km (average of 25km per week)

These figures will increase as the year progresses with longer evenings, events, etc and probably decrease as we approach the off season again 

Monitoring of targets:

Cannot stress how important it is that all activities are uploaded soon after in order to allow for the administrator to track and record statistics.  A lot of manual labour and time involved so athletes assistance with uploads would be appreciated.

No upload = no record = no award as the admin will not be chasing late uploads or records down.





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