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Five Racing 795’ers (plus one junior member/supporter/photographer) made the Trip to Tipp for the North Tipp Sprint Tr (500m swim, 20k bike, 5.2k run) – James, Tony, Jim, David F and Barry.

The day dawned bright and sunny, with conditions perfect for racing. Tony was first into the pool in Wave 1 and despite some ‘traffic’ swam well. Judging by his time though we think the Hand of God may have been pushing him along. Next in Wave 3 was James, who sporting his 795 tri-suit had a powerful swim, coming in at 10:44. David and Barry followed in Wave 4, with Barry just over the  9 min mark and David just over 11 mins – all those Tuesday sessions doing the trick. Jim was away in Wave 5 and had a good swim in 10:03.

T1 proved a bit of a calamity for Barry and David, both having technical problems with garments. The result was Barry donning a rain jacket for the hottest day of the year and David baring his chest Adonis style for the remainder of the race. No such issues for the old pro’s of course. Tony and James finished the bike leg around the 45 minute mark. Remarkably, Barry, Jim and David all finished the bike within 15 seconds of each other, with Jim showing he is still the one to beat on two wheels.

No problems in T2, and an enjoyable, undulating run course followed. Barry led the 795’ers home with good run of just over 25 mins for a total time of 1:18:57. Next in was David at 1:22:04 following a 26 min run, followed just 36 seconds later by Jim at 1:22:40 following a cramp affected 29 min run. Next was Tony at 1:28:42 – all that marathon training paying off, with James home at 1:39:15 following a good steady run.

Well done to all, especially Barry on his triathlon debut. It’s gonna be hard to keep up with these young lads, but I’m sure we’ll find a way…..

Final positions

79       Barry Byrne        1:18:57
105     David Furlong     1:22:04
108     Jim Furlong         1:22:40
140     Tony Redmond   1:28:42
176     James Bodels      1:39:15

Your browser may not support display of this image.Total Field: 203
Full Results here
Photos here

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