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XC NPS RD 3, Carlingford, Co Louth. 3rd May 2009

3rd May 2009

All roads led to the North East for the third round of the XC MTB National Points Series, and four 795ers made the long journey; David Conway, Jim, Paddy and David Furlong.

First up was Paddy, and having moved up to Under 12s this year, faced a tough lap on part of the big boys’ course. This technically demanding lap was handled admirably by Paddy, who finished in 6th place.

Next up was Jim, competing in the 3 lap Vets race for the first time, and the two Davids lining up in Masters for a 4 lap race. The race started at a furious pace up a tarmac road, and by the first technical section the field was already strung out. This didnt bother Conway though as to roars of “Rider Up” (and some not-so-polite utterings) he carved his way through the back end of the field. In hot pursuit was DF with JF getting to grips with his new steed close behind. DC and DF proceeded to have their now customary two- man battle with DC pulling away towards the end of a tough + 2:30 race.

The race was a real lung-busting, energy sapping 30k marathon. JF finished at +1 lap with DC in 28th place and DF in 29th on his NPS and Masters debut. The course itself was very enjoyable, with some cracking singletrack and of course the compulsory heart-breaking fireroad climb. There were also apparently some very nice views!

Thanks to Helen and Robyn and Paddy for manning the feed station  much appreciated!


Paddy Furlong 6th (Under 12s)

Jim Furlong +1 lap (Vets)

David Conway 28th (Masters) 2:35:07

David Furlong 29th (Masters) 2:39:46

Full results here: http://www.mtbireland.com/news.php?readmore=72

Pics here: http://www.imbrc.com/index.php?option=com_gallery2&Itemid=26&g2_itemId=19889

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