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Liam Kelly to cycle Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales in under a week

A note re one of our esteemed cycling friends, Liam Kelly.
(did I say esteemed? I meant Mad!)

Liam sets out this weekend to cycle through Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales in under a week. Why? Because, like Mt Everest, it’s there to be done.

Liam is unique in that he takes on these ventures without any fanfare, media attention or hounding people for sponsorship, he does it for his own personal feeling of fulfilment and a sore a**.

It’s not his first foray into such things. In the past couple of years he has cycled from Mizen Head to Malin Head and did gruelling cycle where he visited all 36 counties in Ireland in week.

Liam’s route takes him from Bunclody to Belfast starting out on Fri 17th, from there even the “mad as a fish Liam” will use the ferry to get to Scotland, travelling through bonnie Scotland where he will traverse Hadrian’s Wall into England, hug the West coast down through Liverpool into Wales. For his own personal interest he will head up through Snowdonia National Park and then down the Welsh Coast to Fishguard. Ferry to Rosslare and a short jaunt home to Bunclody before tea on Friday 24th.

The reason he is on our site is because we think he deserves a bit of support and also traditionally some of the 795’ers accompany him on one or two off the short easy sections of his adventure, we have many stories and sore body parts from these encounters.

If you should see him along the route give a friendly toot or even join him cycling for an hour or two for chat and craic.

You will recognise him with his Bunclody Cycling Club colours and a very unprofessional looking rucksack hanging from his side, I know it should be on his back but this is Liam!

Good Luck Liam

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