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TriAthlone Olympic and Sprint triathlon – Saturday18th July 2009

Seven members of the club headed off to Athlone on Saturday to take part in Triathlone. Jim, James, Peter, Padraig and Barry were doing the Olympic distance tri while PJ and Aisling wer out in the Sprint distance.

First in the water at 8.40 was the olympic wave. Bitter disappointment could be seen on all the glum faces at the start line as the swim had been shortened to 750m.

Further disapointment followed with the shambolic start but everybody eventually got away into a fast downstream swim. First out of the water was Padraig followed closely by Jim,Barry,Peter and James.

Padraig, Jim and Barry were keeping a close eye on each other in T1, Jim doing so much looking that he missed his bike and had to run an extra 100m to find it.
Padraig was first away on the bike followed closely by the pursuing gang.

Unfortunately James’s mammoth efforts to make up lost ground in the swim resulted in a broken chain just outside T1. Too much torque I presume.

Meanwhile Aisling was starting her swim in the first wave of the sprint distance. Despite it being her maiden voyage in the new wetsuit she came into T1 well positioned in her group.

Out on the road the battle was raging between Padraig and the three amigos trying to track him down. Nobody suceeded but Jim made a great burst into T2 and briefly led the Racing 795 quartet on the exit from T2. This was short-lived however as the greater speed and youth of Padraig and Barry soon paid dividends on the run.

At the same time PJ was just entering the water with Aisling well into her 5k run after a strong bike leg on her spanking new Giant Defy.

First across the line was Aisling finishing in 1:36:47 (pos 159 F) followed by Padraig in 2:09:46 (pos 65 M) Barry in 2:10:15 ( pos 70 M) Jim in 2:10:56 (pos 79 M) Peter in 2:16:58 (pos 117 M) and PJ in 1:23:12 (pos 311 M).

Well done to all on great performances. It was great to see the new kit out on display and a big thank you has to go to Lorraine and Paddy for their fantastic support on the day

Info: www.triathlone.com

Full Results

Jim Furlong.

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