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IMRA Powerscourt Ridge Race – 12 November, 2011

Intrepid mountain runners John Dempsey and Brian O’Shaughnessy report on last Saturday’s IMRA Powerscourt Ridge Race.

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John says…

Great running out of Brian O’Shaughnessy again, the man just cruises up hills like they’re not there.

We arrived in plenty of time and the three of us, me , Brian and Bernard Fortune headed off for a warm up run. Made three mistakes; firstly trying to keep up with Bernard, secondly trying to maintain conversation with Bernard, thirdly deciding to head up the first big climb during our warm up… with Bernard. The man is a savage, top ten finish again.

I was happy enough to come home within a few minutes of last years time, Shaughs actually improved on his and pulled off a fantastic 21st place.

€7, great race, snappy results, soup & sandwiches in warm pub afterwards, hopefully a few photos posted up today / tomorrow – couldn’t beat it. Powerscourt really is a fantastic race.


Brian says…

If you do one run next year make it this one! It’s a 16km natural assault course with 950m of climbing over a beautiful part of the wicklow mountains. There is also a short course.

This is caveman running! All sorts of terrain, fire road, mud paths, bog, slippy grass, rock, streams, and sleepers. You go from climbing on all fours to tearing down tracks faster than you think possible.

Got 4 nice slaps coming down from Djouce. Passed four middle aged hikers on my arse with a sheet of water spraying up from under me! Thankfully nothing but pride hurt. Great feeling coming down the home straight and a course you could run ever week and still enjoy it.

There are all sorts at these IMRA races and generally an easier going and better atmosphere than road racing. One old fella in the over 70s class (yes there’s a over 70s section!) had a bum bag not for his gels but his pipe! Smoking away on it before the race. €7 for a really well organised race, results online within hours and soup and sambos afterwards. Their website is one of the best and most functional websites in any arena you’ll come across.



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