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John Treacy Dungarvan 10 mile – 29th January 2012

John Treacy 10 - courtesy http://www.westwaterfordathletics.org

[Report by John Dempsey – he may have had tongue cramp but there’s nothing wrong with his motormouth typing fingers! Read on…]

Great day and a great race.

Headed down with Barry for company in the car, and after talking about pretty much everything under the sun we arrived in Dungarvan in no length. Coming near the town Barry realised he’d left the orthotics at home, no bother sure they don’t work anyway says I, but I’ve no feckin insoles either says he! Sorted him out with the insoles from a spare pair of runners I had and all ok again. Turned out afterwards that Barry must have really missed his weetabix this morning though cos he discovered after the race that he had run in a pair of runners he had deemed knackered 2 years earlier.

Rocked up to the start line, drove out a bit of the course, checked out the finish area, parked 100m from start, no need to register cos we had our numbers and chips – nice. 1300 runners on the sea road in Dungarvan makes for a big crowd. Spotted Tom out the front looking lean and ready to race. BANG. No countdown just go!! Tried not to get sucked along at 100 miles an hour over the start, hit the first mile marker about 20 secs ahead of target. Fell into a little group with everyone keeping each other honest, if the pace dropped someone would shoot off out the front and everyone else follow. Kept flying for first 4 miles, struggled really hard to 5th and halfway bang on target. Dropped about 20 secs from here to mile 6 and 20 secs behind target. Really had to fight the demons telling me to just take a little walk break here, thought I wouldn’t finish, what’s the point in going on, blaa blaa blaa, the usual. No panic yet, kept her steady and managed to hold this gap till after mile 8, passing lots of people out on their feet at this stage. Not enough, I knew there was a long drag coming up and I needed to be 20 secs up not down. Hit the drag and put head down and my back into the hill. Head telling me target was gone, heart saying anything could happen yet, still 1.5 miles left. Near the top of the hill, and lost in a world of self pity someone goes about passing me out, sped up and kept them behind.   ‘A girl will always get you going’ she shouts. Just the kick in the ass I needed and picked up to finish as strong as I could and every last ounce left out on the roads of Dungarvan. Crossed the line (just in front of the lady that had tried to pass me), stuck me hands up behind my head, in absolute ribbons, gob wide open trying to get a bit of oxygen in, and TONGUE CRAMP!! I’ve gotten cramp in quare places before but this was just cruel after hurting so bad for so long over the last 4 miles.

Hit the line in 65:53, 54 seconds outside what had been a very ambitious target for me and a new pb by almost 4 minutes so not really too disappointed.

Barry grabbed a fantastic time in the wrong shoes with the wrong insoles.

Tom ran a blinder to finish 8th overall.

Nothing for it but Barry had to hit Macky D’s on the way home, an I ate like a horse all evening

Brilliantly organised race, anyone looking for something meaty to help keep the focus overnext Winter would struggle to find better.

Results | Photos 1 | Photos 2

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