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Munster XC Series Round 1 – 29th January 2012

[Race report by David Furlong]

We set off at 8 in the teeming rain after hauling Ross out of the scratcher.

Got to Tracton in 2hrs20 mins which was about 1/2hr quicker than expected, so that was the first plus. It was still piddling down, got changed in the car outside some randomers house (that must have been a picture) and headed for the practice lap. We hooked up with Richie Byrne from EPIC for the practice and were instantly met by mud, roots, deep, off camber roots, even deeper mud, bridge crossings etc..etc.. hard going on the practice lap, but experience tells us it always is…

So off we go at 12 bells, me and Rossco in the ‘Elite’ section, how about that eh. First I saw of Ross was at the first river crossing where some dude tried to knock him into the river, then saved him just as he was bout to go…After that he was a little disappearing red dot in the distance

The lap was savage 85% singletrack, roots everywhere, switchbacking climbs and descents. Hard going in the mud in places but mostly rideable. A fantastic swooping singletrack tdescent then with a big drop at the end where the spectators were ringing cowbells and all that

Ross got in in a fantastic 10th place (especially given the head of him at 8 this morning ;) ) I was in my usual place towards the rear end, this time 21st, happy with that , it is Elites after all hoho.

race entry was a tenner, after which we got soup and brown bread in the local pub, happy days

Great start to the year, thanks to my travelling companion, all roads lead to Fermoy next week for Rd2.

Thanks to all the MBCC folks for a good day out


2 Responses

  1. Good going Dave, sounded like a tough but enjoyable course, hopefully it’ll be a bit drier for the NPS down there, if not, then it’s not like we’ll all be terrified by the sight of mud, we’ve all encountered it at least once or twice before I’d say!

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