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Blackstairs Adventure Race 2014

Race report from David Tully

“The weather forecast was good – the weather wasn’t. Pre race decisions were down to how many layers could one wear. Lining out for the 7 steps were Mike, Barry, Alan, Mat and I with Deirdre Byrne doing the 5 steps. Off at 10am, we thought we’d run the first leg together and see how it went – until I took off! I felt good, running the pace of those around me until I looked behind me and there were no 795ers in sight. My ears were burning : )
I pushed on knowing that Barry would catch me downhill and Alan would do the same in the kayak leg. Anyway, Barry passed me going downhill but was only a minute ahead at the first transition and that gap disappeared on the bike. Alan had just closed the gap at the end of the kayak leg.
By step 5 we were on the second mountain run, Barry and I side by side still and driving each other into the ground. A draw was decided and that’s what the results show.
It was a really tough day out but a great race. Well done to Mike with his second pudium in two years and to first timers in the race Mat and Deirdre.”

Blackstairs 2014

Blackstairs 2014

Deirdre Byrne - Blackstairs 2014

Deirdre Byrne – Blackstairs 2014

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