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Meet a Member – Tracy Redmond


Favourite – bike, run or swim?      Run

Favourite band:  The Frames

Favourite sports person:  Jessica Ennis-Hill

Something we didn’t know about you?   In fourth year in secondary school, i was on a panel for a programme  hosted by Ray Darcy.

Favourite book?  To many to choose from but I will go with The Kite Runner.

Jaffa cake, custard cream or mikado?    Jaffa cakes

Best sporting occasion?   ITU AG World Triathlon London 2012 – watching the different para-tri-athletes makes you realise that no one should have any excuses  for not trying some form of exercise.

Toughest event? Madrid Marathon (winter training in Ireland does not prepare you for the heat )

Any pre-race/spin rituals?  Porridge for breakfast, checking  gear  bag, knowing the course and of course numerous visits to the toilet.

Baseball or cricket ?   Baseball

Best sports website/ programme?  best programme: A Question of Sport

Favourite film?   The Shawshank Redemption.

Best advice to a newbie starting a sport or received?  No matter how slow you may think you are, you will always be faster than the person sitting on the couch.

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