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Cyclocross Season 2014 – 2015 starts in Rathfarnham Village

David Conway and David Furlong were in action at the Rathfarnham Village Cyclocross race with Conway taking Furlongs scalp (not a easy thing to do for various reasons!)

David Furlong in action

David Furlong in action

Results ttp://www.elitetiming.co.uk/Results/Ra … esults.pdf

Short Report by David Furlong

“This was a one-off race run by the organisers of the Supercross Cup, which I raced last year. It was in conjunction with Rathfarnham Village festival and bound to be good craic. After all the solo trips last year I was delighted to have convinced DC to give it a go this year…

What can I say…it was deadly as usual! Start was a sprint down the main street of Rathfarnham around onto the main rd, down a side lane onto a ramp, down a steep bank then into a wood with some sketchy singletrack (including a drop some mtb’ers would baulk at :) ), then the obligatory tight turny bits, hurdles and back up then steep bank. Then repeat 6 times. The aerial shot below gives an idea.

hats off to the organisers, great idea, great venue, LOADS of spectators, very family friendly. I was telling DC all last year how he’d love this cyclocross lark and lo and behold he declared to me afterwards that it was the best racing buzz he’s had since his first mtb race. “

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