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Donadea Forest Duathlon

Report by Ross Moorehead

“It was with my usual preparation and diligent research that led me to choose donadea duathlon, thought I’d bring the lads along for the company as well. ( ok so pj picked it and frank told me about it fri night ) . Frank volunteered to drive so we were met with his cheery urine soaked cornflake mood early in clonegal took til Naas for it to lift!!. As we left the weather looked shocking but pj assured us it would clear and he wouldn’t take us to an event with adverse weather conditions and sure enough like franks mood by Naas it too lifted!

The course in donadea was great atmosphere very relaxed , your €25 entry ( on the day entry well research by pj and mike) got you a grand auld t shirt a timing chip and a feed afterwards .Now then the race itself well the bike times from the previous 2 looked savage til yer man at the brief tells us drafting is allowed ” that’ll suit you” says pj to me ( cheeky fecker). So with the pre race checks all taken care of ( pj checked mikes brakes were ok , frank checked mikes brakes were ok, mike accidently locked up the brakes and then I made sure mikes brakes were ok) . Race on and a lung busting 3k later we’re on the bike , ive got half the field towing me along meanwhile frank is towing the other half! The second run was shorter by a couple hundred metres and not as painful as the first and a dozen minutes later we’re bursting buns n biscuits out of it. Good day had by all great value, relaxed atmosphere , we’ll be back

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