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Naas Duathlon Sunday 18th May

Race report by Mick Foley

Great day out in Punchestown Sunday, arrived up with a friend who was competing in his first duathlon and was glad to see Nigel and Trish had made it into the race. After registration and setting up the bike we started to try warm up in the bitter cold using the lessons learnt on Saturday during the run coaching. After the race briefing it was off with the tracksuit and a quick jog up to the start and off we went.

I started off grand, trying to concentrate on the technique. Was thinking to myself this running stuff is easy. Then the usual happened, all the runners were flying past including Nigel and Trish running side by side. I asked were they running together and Nigel replied “Don’t go there”. Made it through the first run with a constant stream of people passing me.

On to the bike and as Nigel said the wind was all over the place, got into a nice rhythm all the way to Blessington and thought I would have the wind behind me on the way back, this wasn’t the case, the wind seemed to be face me again. Met Nigel and Trish on the way back both looking fresh. Continued back to Punchestown, picking up a few places along the way.

Into T2 and off on run 2, technique was out the window at this stage. I did my usual impression of a 3 legged baby giraffe taking its first steps with legs flying in all directions except forward. Shuffled my way along with the stream of people passing me again, tried to inject a bit of pace for the last km but the legs said no. Crossed the line in 1.14.35 with Nigel and Trish and my friend coming in just behind. All smiling after completing their first duathlon.

Was happy enough with my first race of the year, its off to Narraghmore on 15th February for more pain and laughs.

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