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Naas Duathlon

Race Report By Nigel McCord

Well that was an experience . Myself and Trish and her sister completed in the first of the Naas Duathlon yesterday . We met Mick Foley up there in the bitter cold .
Extremely nervous at the start …where to leave the bike ..and shoes ..what to wear and what not to wear . Anyway up to the start line and bang away we went , sat in behind Trish for the first run and we crossed the Transition line together ( I learned my lesson after the Ferrycarig 5miler ) up to the bikes and we trying to change into our shoe’s and Jacket and we noticed everyone flying past us including Mick . We lost alot of time in Transition . Trish told me to go on and after all I said to her and her sister about rules etc I  thru me leg over the bike and clicked in one shoe and then like a slap to the head I realised what I had done . Anyway no one seen it so off  the bike and tried to run in my SPDs ….not a hope of this happening , so decided on a quick walk . Out of trans and up on the bike and away like the clappers trying not to get caught up in the Red Mist . Had a great aul ding dong with 4 other lads on route to Blessington where we met Mick on his return trip flying he was too !
On return back to Naas with the final 10k ahead of me I decided to push and push hard the Feckin wind was all over the place I met Trish on route to Blessington and we cheered each other on as we passed each other she was looking good also . About 2k left and left calf started to cramp . Pushed on again trying to stretch as I rode . Back into Trans and off the bike into the runner’s and started to run with a gentle jog and then both calves cramped . I stopped and stretched and noticed another lad beside me knackered also . We both looked at each other and laughed . We decided to jog on and as Mick said to me earlier that morning …… ”its like trying to run with 2 small kids hanging off your legs ” and so true he was , my legs just would not work . We jogged on and eventually they freed up and the pace quickened a little . I kept looking over my shoulder looking for Trish as I knew she’d slaughter me on the run . Seen the finish line and crowd cheering and over the line I went with Trish a few minutes later finishing strong with her run .
In a nut shell we loved it and look forward to doing the next one and improving our times . The event was fantastically run and brilliant for the beginners like me with the Marshalls cheering you on and giving you instructions as what to do . The run was great as you could see the whole route ahead of you .
I would highly recommend the Naas Duathlon series . The Mccords

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