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795 Strava Challenge 2018

The 795 Strava Challenge795 Strava Challenge

What is it?

The idea is for all club members to register with and down load the Strava APP – see our handy guide here

We will set monthly targets for all discipline’s….With the aim of a league table and presentation of prizes at the end of the year….

Monthly targets to be achieved leading to awards at xmas party for those that succeed, i.e. achieve the monthly target each month January through to November 2018.

The targets will be set and recorded on the basis of hours spent training & competing by each participant and can be achieved through on/off road run / cycle, turbo or treadmill and will also incorporate club championship events.Participants should declare on the forum from the outset whether they are registering for ‘triathlon’, ‘cycle only’ or ‘run only’

For the early months of the year, i.e. January / February we consider the following targets appropriate:

For a triathlete:- a minimum of 16hrs per month through a combination of swim, bike, run (this works out at an average of just over 4 hours training per week) achieved through the following:-.
• cycling – 8hrs per month (approx 2hrs per week)
• running – 4hrs per month (approx 1 hr per week)
• swim – 4hrs per month (approx 1 hr per week)

For a cyclist & Mountain Biker only: – minimum of 8hrs per month (average of 2hrs per week)
For a runner only: – minimum of 8hrs per month (average of 2hrs per week)

These figures will increase as the year progresses with longer evenings, events, etc and probably decrease as we approach the off season again.

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