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Meet a 795 Member

Bill Barry in 13 questions

Bill Barry

Bill Barry

Favourite – bike, run or swim?

Favourite band?

Favourite sports person?
Niki Lauda

Something we didn’t know about you?
I used to have very long curly hair, a beard and glasses. I’ve posed nude for art classes!!

Favourite book?
Outwitting the Gestapo by Lucie Aubrac.

Jaffa Cake, custard cream or Mikado?
Choccie Biscuit!!!

Best sporting occasion?
The Lost Sheep Tri.

Toughest event?
Winning the Half mile river race in Bagenalstown when I was 16. Man Utd winning the ’99 Champions League.

Any pre-race/spin rituals?
I always put my socks, bike shoes, runners, left foot on first!!

Baseball or cricket?
Paint drying!!

Best sports website/programme?
The Footy Show (Hilarious Aussie Rules Show).

Favourite film?

Best advice to a newbie starting a sport or received?
Best advice I was given as a kid was to relax and not be so tense. Best advice I could give is to pace yourself and enjoy.

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