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Meet a Member Christmas Special!

Orla O’Leary, Sydney, Australia.

Orla O'Leary

Orla O’Leary

Favorite – bike, run or swim? RUN

Favorite band? KT Tunstall

Favorite sports person? Mo Farah

Something we didn’t know about you? I sometimes do a cartwheel if I find myself in an open space on my own. Just for the heck of it.

Favorite book? The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver

Jaffa Cake, custard cream or Mikado? Oooh, all three? Custard Cream, then Mikado – I’ll leave the Jaffa Cakes to Niall

Best sporting occasion? The first marathon I completed. Auckland Nov 2009. No expectations, no pressure. Loved every step.

Toughest event? The second one….Gold Coast, July 2010. Expectations and pressure galore!

Any pre-race/spin rituals? Check gear a thousand times, talk to myself (my words are ‘Strong Fast Believe’)

Baseball or cricket? Married to a Yorkshire man so have slowly taken a fancy to cricket over the years…

Best sports website/programme? After 795, Runningforftiness.org , coolrunning.com , sportsinjusryclinc.net , www.nrg.asn.au

Favourite film? The Notebook

Best advice to a newbie starting a sport or received? Find a friend, buddy, mentor or club to share the training with. Don’t be intimated, just have a go and have fun. Set a short term goal and train for it. Allow yourself to be happy (this last one was a piece of advice I received from our amazing Siobhan a few months ago. I think of it everyday….. xxxx)

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