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Meet a Member – David Tully

David Tully

Meet a 795er – our Club Treasurer and regularly seen flying around Mount Leinster on his mountain bike.


Favourite – bike, run or swim?

Favourite band?
Pearl Jam

Favourite sports person?

Something we didn’t know about you?
I’ve worked from home for 14 years – probably shows as I don’t know when to shut up when out on a spin 🙂

Favourite book?
Focaults Pendulum by Umberto Eco

Jaffa Cake, custard cream or Mikado?
Jaffa cake or Aldi equivalent

Best sporting occasion?
1996 All Ireland final

Toughest event?
Mountain bike National Marathon Championships

Any pre-race/spin rituals?
Try and remember all the gear!

Baseball or cricket?

Best sports website/programme?
Global Cycling Network (GCN) channel on YouTube. 

Favourite film?
The Haunting (1963)

Best advice to a newbie starting a sport or received?
Stretch straight after a run – not half an hour later when you get home

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