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Meet a Member – Tracy Redmond


Favourite – bike, run or swim?      Run

Favourite band:  The Frames

Favourite sports person:  Jessica Ennis-Hill

Something we didn’t know about you?   In fourth year in secondary school, i was on a panel for a programme  hosted by Ray Darcy.

Favourite book?  To many to choose from but I will go with The Kite Runner.

Jaffa cake, custard cream or mikado?    Jaffa cakes

Best sporting occasion?   ITU AG World Triathlon London 2012 – watching the different para-tri-athletes makes you realise that no one should have any excuses  for not trying some form of exercise.

Toughest event? Madrid Marathon (winter training in Ireland does not prepare you for the heat )

Any pre-race/spin rituals?  Porridge for breakfast, checking  gear  bag, knowing the course and of course numerous visits to the toilet.

Baseball or cricket ?   Baseball

Best sports website/ programme?  best programme: A Question of Sport

Favourite film?   The Shawshank Redemption.

Best advice to a newbie starting a sport or received?  No matter how slow you may think you are, you will always be faster than the person sitting on the couch.

Meet a Member – David Tully

David Tully

Meet a 795er – our Club Treasurer and regularly seen flying around Mount Leinster on his mountain bike.


Favourite – bike, run or swim?

Favourite band?
Pearl Jam

Favourite sports person?

Something we didn’t know about you?
I’ve worked from home for 14 years – probably shows as I don’t know when to shut up when out on a spin 🙂

Favourite book?
Focaults Pendulum by Umberto Eco

Jaffa Cake, custard cream or Mikado?
Jaffa cake or Aldi equivalent

Best sporting occasion?
1996 All Ireland final

Toughest event?
Mountain bike National Marathon Championships

Any pre-race/spin rituals?
Try and remember all the gear!

Baseball or cricket?

Best sports website/programme?
Global Cycling Network (GCN) channel on YouTube. 

Favourite film?
The Haunting (1963)

Best advice to a newbie starting a sport or received?
Stretch straight after a run – not half an hour later when you get home

Meet a Member Christmas Special!

Orla O’Leary, Sydney, Australia.

Orla O'Leary

Orla O’Leary

Favorite – bike, run or swim? RUN

Favorite band? KT Tunstall

Favorite sports person? Mo Farah

Something we didn’t know about you? I sometimes do a cartwheel if I find myself in an open space on my own. Just for the heck of it.

Favorite book? The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver

Jaffa Cake, custard cream or Mikado? Oooh, all three? Custard Cream, then Mikado – I’ll leave the Jaffa Cakes to Niall

Best sporting occasion? The first marathon I completed. Auckland Nov 2009. No expectations, no pressure. Loved every step.

Toughest event? The second one….Gold Coast, July 2010. Expectations and pressure galore!

Any pre-race/spin rituals? Check gear a thousand times, talk to myself (my words are ‘Strong Fast Believe’)

Baseball or cricket? Married to a Yorkshire man so have slowly taken a fancy to cricket over the years…

Best sports website/programme? After 795, Runningforftiness.org , coolrunning.com , sportsinjusryclinc.net , www.nrg.asn.au

Favourite film? The Notebook

Best advice to a newbie starting a sport or received? Find a friend, buddy, mentor or club to share the training with. Don’t be intimated, just have a go and have fun. Set a short term goal and train for it. Allow yourself to be happy (this last one was a piece of advice I received from our amazing Siobhan a few months ago. I think of it everyday….. xxxx)

Meet a 795 Member

Ed Burgess in 13 questions


Favourite – bike, run or swim?
Sea swim, followed closely by a run in the woods.

Favourite band?
Pink floyd

Favourite sports person?
Being a Tullow Rugby Club member, that would have to be Sean O’Brien

Something we didn’t know about you?
I make (and drink) a very dry home made cider.

Favourite book?
Any atlas.

Jaffa Cake, custard cream or Mikado?
Has to be the Jaffa’s

Best sporting occasion?
Rowing at Henley Royal Regatta

Toughest event?
Same answer as for the previous question.

Any pre-race/spin rituals?
A glass of wine.

Baseball or cricket?

Best sports website/programme?
Nike running app.

Favourite film?
Babette’s feast

Best advice to a newbie starting a sport or received?
What ever you do, make sure it’s both social and fun.

End of Year Party 2013 – 23rd of November

Racing795 celebrated and remembered the year gone by in style at the end of year party held in the Bunclody Golf Club on Saturday 23rd of November. The club championship was awarded posthumously to our friend and clubmate Martin Mimnagh and accepted by his wife Siobhan who made an eloquent and funny speech on Martin and what the club meant to him. The club was also joined on the night by Martins brothers, sister and mother and many a yarn was shared about this year’s Tour de Frank. Niall Ó Muirí was the very popular winner of the inaugural spirit of the club award which celebrates a member who demonstrates the ethos of the club of participation and encouragement to others. Barry Byrne also presented his usual “special” awards for 2013! A special note of thanks to Yvonne Dunne for organising a great night. We’re looking forward to 2014 already!

Niall O Muiri

Niall O Muiri receives the spirit of the club award