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Ballinastoe Biking Blitz 2014

Biking Blitz – Matt Seebach wins Baggy Shorts Category (1 full lap)

Race Report by David Furlong, 2nd February 2014

bikerMatt Seebach winner - Baggy Shorts Category - 1 full lap

We set off in Brian’s Venga Bus, trailer in tow, loaded up for action. Lots of talk of ass-whuppin etc… and Little Dave in the back suckin on his energy potion aka some 99c Aldi rice yoke. Brian Mc in the zone behind his dark shades giving nothing away, Tully all focused and Nigel with his big happy smile

We arrived and parked in the bestest muckiest spot, met our fellow travellers Ciara, Lorraine and Miron. Off to the start, heart attack city. DC was gone like the hottest of snots, the rice potion working a treat. Next Brian mC, then Tully and me.

Great close racing,for me I gradually reeled my man in and snook past him. DC and Mc were long gone. Deadly buzz of tight racing, having not done any mtb racing in 2013 it was great to be back!

In the Baggy Shorts, Nigel and Miron were a few mins apart, and Ciara on her debut performing admirably. Unfortunately Lorraine was caught out by mechanicals. But the biggest news was new member Mat Seebach taking the win! And local lady Sinead Walsh taking 2nd in the Ladies.

Thanks to Brian for driving and allowing us to wreck his van and my fellow travellers and clubmates for a deadly day out. Looking forward to the season ahead!

Now off for the wine and cheese…


Beginners Mountain Biking session 18th January

Mountain Biking for beginners

Interested in having a go at mountain biking? Here’s your chance!

This Saturday morning we’re running a beginners mountain biking session in the foothills of beautiful Mount Leinster.

We’ll have a experienced male and female biker on hand to show you the ropes so all are welcome and the pace will be easy – please contact lorrainee.byrne@hotmail.com for more details. (this is a free event run by the local Racing795 club)


Know a friend who might be interested? Pass it on

Meet a Member – David Tully

David Tully

Meet a 795er – our Club Treasurer and regularly seen flying around Mount Leinster on his mountain bike.


Favourite – bike, run or swim?

Favourite band?
Pearl Jam

Favourite sports person?

Something we didn’t know about you?
I’ve worked from home for 14 years – probably shows as I don’t know when to shut up when out on a spin 🙂

Favourite book?
Focaults Pendulum by Umberto Eco

Jaffa Cake, custard cream or Mikado?
Jaffa cake or Aldi equivalent

Best sporting occasion?
1996 All Ireland final

Toughest event?
Mountain bike National Marathon Championships

Any pre-race/spin rituals?
Try and remember all the gear!

Baseball or cricket?

Best sports website/programme?
Global Cycling Network (GCN) channel on YouTube. 

Favourite film?
The Haunting (1963)

Best advice to a newbie starting a sport or received?
Stretch straight after a run – not half an hour later when you get home

Meet a Member Christmas Special!

Orla O’Leary, Sydney, Australia.

Orla O'Leary

Orla O’Leary

Favorite – bike, run or swim? RUN

Favorite band? KT Tunstall

Favorite sports person? Mo Farah

Something we didn’t know about you? I sometimes do a cartwheel if I find myself in an open space on my own. Just for the heck of it.

Favorite book? The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver

Jaffa Cake, custard cream or Mikado? Oooh, all three? Custard Cream, then Mikado – I’ll leave the Jaffa Cakes to Niall

Best sporting occasion? The first marathon I completed. Auckland Nov 2009. No expectations, no pressure. Loved every step.

Toughest event? The second one….Gold Coast, July 2010. Expectations and pressure galore!

Any pre-race/spin rituals? Check gear a thousand times, talk to myself (my words are ‘Strong Fast Believe’)

Baseball or cricket? Married to a Yorkshire man so have slowly taken a fancy to cricket over the years…

Best sports website/programme? After 795, Runningforftiness.org , coolrunning.com , sportsinjusryclinc.net , www.nrg.asn.au

Favourite film? The Notebook

Best advice to a newbie starting a sport or received? Find a friend, buddy, mentor or club to share the training with. Don’t be intimated, just have a go and have fun. Set a short term goal and train for it. Allow yourself to be happy (this last one was a piece of advice I received from our amazing Siobhan a few months ago. I think of it everyday….. xxxx)

Meet a 795 Member

Bill Barry in 13 questions

Bill Barry

Bill Barry

Favourite – bike, run or swim?

Favourite band?

Favourite sports person?
Niki Lauda

Something we didn’t know about you?
I used to have very long curly hair, a beard and glasses. I’ve posed nude for art classes!!

Favourite book?
Outwitting the Gestapo by Lucie Aubrac.

Jaffa Cake, custard cream or Mikado?
Choccie Biscuit!!!

Best sporting occasion?
The Lost Sheep Tri.

Toughest event?
Winning the Half mile river race in Bagenalstown when I was 16. Man Utd winning the ’99 Champions League.

Any pre-race/spin rituals?
I always put my socks, bike shoes, runners, left foot on first!!

Baseball or cricket?
Paint drying!!

Best sports website/programme?
The Footy Show (Hilarious Aussie Rules Show).

Favourite film?

Best advice to a newbie starting a sport or received?
Best advice I was given as a kid was to relax and not be so tense. Best advice I could give is to pace yourself and enjoy.